Irana Saffron is one of the oldest saffron suppliers in Iran. We provide our customers from all over Iran with the purest and the highest quality saffron obtained from the best saffron fields in Southern Khorasan cities (Qaen, Gonabad, Birjand, Torbat, etc.) in Iran. Furthermore, we are expanding our market overseas and now we are exporting saffron to countries such as Spain, India, UAE, Hong Kong, etc.
We supply different types of saffron including Super Negin, Negin, Sargol grade 1, 2, 3, Pushali (Pushal) grade 1, 2, 3, Bunch grade 1, 2 and White Saffron. Quality, customer care, and competitive price, these are our key to success.


What is Saffron?

Saffron is a plant. The dried stigmas (thread-like parts of the flower) are used to make saffron spice.

History of Saffron

The history of saffron cultivation and usage reaches back more than 3,000 years and spans many cultures, continents, and civilisations...

Therapeutic properties of saffron

Saffron is used for asthma, cough, whooping cough (pertussis), and to loosen phlegm (as an expectorant)...